Günzburger, Michael . Nimm Wind mit, 2023 (Edition)

he artist Michael Günzburger designed the edition "Take the wind with you" for the latest collection publication "Aargauer Kunsthaus - Mit Gegenwartskunst umgehen" (2024). An excerpt from it adorns the book cover. The examination of printmaking and the exploration of its possibilities is a recurring theme in the artist's work, and this edition is no exception. The starting motif is a photograph of the staircase of the Kunsthaus, which the artist edited and exposed on aluminium printing plates. The shifting of the red and dark blue printing plates was created during the process in the Wolfensberger lithographic print shop in search of the most interesting possible shifting of the halftone dots into one another. The manual intervention consists of a yellow-green line that meanders through the halftone dots.

Title: Nimm Wind mit, 2023
Lithograph on paper with hand engraving. Serial unique specimen
Printing: Steindruckerei Wolfensberger, Zürich
Edition: 21 + 2 AP
Signature: Michael Günzburger
Sheet size: 47.7 x 71.7 cm

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