Rebetez Augustin. The good life : A practical guide (Catalogue)

More than two hundred charcoal drawings make up this ironic manual of life ironic manual of bad advice in broken english. These satirical phrases, sometimes funny, sometimes accurate, aim to make us live the good life. A guide basic, simple, elementary and and terribly humorous and refreshing. The design of the object by the Zurich-based graphic designers of the prestigious NORM.

Title: The good life : A practical guide
Contributions: Bassma El Adisey, curator at the Aargauer Kunsthaus
Published by: Augustin Rebetez
Publishing house: Label Rapace
Design: NORM, Zürich
Binding: Soft cover with dust jacket
Pages: 220
Format: 236 x 166 mm
ISBN 978-2-940695-10-2

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