Solari Aldo. Ohne Titel (Gliederung), 1999 (Edition)

The edition by Aldo Solari was created in a series of pictures with the motif of the jointed doll. He rearranged its individual parts again and again and tried out model-like color and form contrasts. At the same time they are symbolic representations of human physical sensitivities. On the one hand, it is a game with the formal structure of the human figure. On the other hand, the figure of the doll is ambivalent, and the dissection and transformation of its body also have a morbid effect.

Title: Ohne Titel (Gliederung)
Format: 45 x 44 cm
Printing: Arni Siebdruck, Allschwil in collaboration with the artist
Edition: 50 prints numbered using Arabic numerals
25 prints numbered using Roman numerals
Object type: Siebdruck auf Rives BFK-Papier
Signature: Front side, bottom right
Sheet size: 50 x 50 cm

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