Rondinone Ugo. (candle), 2010 (Edition)

To match his solo exhibition The Night of Lead, 2010, Ugo Rondinone created a painted candle made of bronze and lead as an edition. There are several deceptively real-looking objects by the artist, such as mandarins, pears or potatoes made of this material. Their "trompe-l'oeil effect" is as fascinating as it is irritating. Half-burnt, the candle is a symbol of transience and melancholy, which are central to the artist's work. The transformation of the flowing, waxy material into a cold, hard object emphasises the ambivalent artistic character of the object.

Title: (candle)
Format: 9.5 x 5 cm
Edition: 20 Ex.
Object type: Bronze and lead, painted
Signature: bottom side, candle and wooden box, top

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