Lüscher Ingeborg. Plüschvögel, 1999 (Edition)

The bright yellow plush birds above the naked female body give Ingeborg Lüscher's photography a surreal expression. The proportions of toy and human being also emphasize this. The artist's frequent themes such as eros, childhood and dream are reflected in the idiosyncratic staging. In the early 1990s she discovered sulfur as an artistic material. Since then she has been using the bright yellow powder to depict contrasts between nature and man or light and darkness. The striking black and yellow tones on plush birds are evidence of this.

Title: Plüschvögel
Format: 50 x 77 cm
Edition: 50 prints numbered using Arabic numerals
25 prints numbered using Roman numerals
Object type: C-Print
Signature: Front side, bottom right
Sheet size: 54.5 x 84.5 cm

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