Huws Bethan. Nu Descendant Un Escalier, 2013 (Edition)

Nu Descendant Un Escalier by Bethan Huws is the graphic edition to her work of the same name, which is shown in the exhibition Rhythm in it. Vom Rhythmus in der Gegenwartskunst 2013 in the Aargauer Kunsthaus. Huws refers to a cubist painting by Marcel Duchamp from 1912 with the same title. It shows a nude at various moments of the staircase descent. The flowing movement of the letters reproduces the model in a cleverly reduced and poetically rhythmic form.

Title: Nu Descendant Un Escalier
Format: 58 x 42.3 cm
Printing: Axel Friedrich, Lenzburg
Edition: 20 + 7 AP
Object type: Silkscreen on Arches watercolor paper
Signature: Front side, bottom right
Sheet size: 76 x 56 cm

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