Federle Helmut. diatonic structure, 1999 (Edition)

Title: Diatonic structure
Format: 13.5 x 30 cm
Printing: Kurt Zein, Wien
Edition: 50 prints numbered using Arabic numerals
25 prints numbered using Roman numerals
Object type: copper etching Vernis mou
Signature: Front side, bottom right
Sheet size: 68 x 50 cm
Description: Helmut Federle made a name for himself early on with reduced, abstract geometric paintings. For his edition he took up the theme of diatonic structures, the term for scales. The zigzag line also corresponds to a progressive pattern. Its extension in length is comparable to a scale whose frequency excursions become wider in the lower pitches. The visible placement of the drawing pencil may illustrate the playing of the tones of a musical instrument.

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