Charrière Julian. Towards No Earthly Pole (Catalogue)

The publication Julian Charrière. Towards No Earthly Pole places the exhibitions of the same name at the Aargauer Kunsthaus (2020), MASI Lugano (2019/2020)and the Dallas Museum of Art (2021) in context with essays by leading scholars from the disciplines of philosophy, film studies, polar research and art history. With essays by: Francesca Benini, Amanda Boetzkes, Katherine Brodbeck, Dehlia Hannah, Scott MacKenzie & Anna Westerståhl Stenport, Shane McCorristine, Nadim Samman and Katrin Weilenmann as well as a conversation between the artist and the late Professor of Climate and Cryosphere at ETH Zurich and EPFL, Dr. Konrad Steffen.

Title: Julian Charrière
Towards No Earthly Pole
Contributions: Julian Charrière
Published by: Aargauer Kunsthaus, MASI Lugano, Dallas Museum of Art, and Mousse Publishing, edited by Dehlia Hannah
Publishing house: Mousse Publishing, Mailand
Pages: 296
Format: 285 x 171 mm
ISBN 978-88-6749-434-7
German / English
Color illustrations

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