Eisenring Cédric. Eisenring (Catalogue)

With texts by Tobias Madison The publication Eisenring by Swiss artist Cédric Eisenring interlocks the prints created by the artist with the help of used industrial plates with Photoshop drawings that make the crumbs of the image worlds of the entertainment industry their own. The artist scratches and etches this waste for all - digitally generated, figurative motifs - directly into the industrial plates. In Eisenring, these works experience a new performance - the book as a psychedelic stage.

Title: Eisenring
Cédric Eisenring
Contributions: Cédric Eisenring
Published by: Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau
Publishing house: Edition Patrik Frey
Design: Marietta Eugster
Binding: Ring binding
Pages: Unpaginiert
Format: 23 × 28.4 cm
ISBN 978-3-906803-53-1
Printing: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Altenburg DE
Edition: 600 Ex
Color illustrations

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