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Yesterday Will Be Better (Catalogue)

Title: Yesterday Will Be Better
Contributions: With essays by Alfred M. Fischer, Madeleine Schuppli, Marianne Wagner and Harald Welzer, as well as contributions on all the exhibited positions by Sven Beckstette, Alexandra Blättler, Holger Broeker, Alfred M. Fischer, Dominik Imhof, Claudia Jolles, Stephan Kunz, Felicity Lunn, Daniel Morgenthaler, Philippe Pirotte, Hans Rudolf Reust, Genoveva Rueckert, Madeleine Schuppli, Inka Schube, Wendy Shaw, Thomas Seelig, Raimar Stange, Marianne Wagner, Rein Wolfs.
Publishing house: Kerber Verlag
Pages: 208
ISBN 978-3-86678-409-3
color and b/w- illustrations

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