Roth Dieter. SELBSTE (Catalogue)

Dieter Roth has made radical self-questioning his most important theme. The relentlessness with which he places his own person at the centre of his work and at the same time deconstructs it by all means is unique in the history of this genre. Sometimes ironically, often very relentlessly, Dieter Roth uses pictorial means but also diaries and autobiographical texts to question himself and his actions, his artistic work as well as everyday activities. The publication is thus on the one hand a well-founded contribution to the study of Dieter Roth's work, but on the other hand, with the self-portrait, it also puts up for discussion a subject that became questionable for many artists in the second half of the 20th century and that could only be further developed with such strong positions as that of Dieter Roth.

Title: Roth Dieter
Contributions: With texts by Dirk Dobke, Burcu Dogramaci, Franz Kaltenbeck, Stephan Kunz, Susanne Neuburger and Stefan Ripplinge
Published by: Stephan Kunz und Dirk Dobke
Publishing house: Walther König, Köln
Binding: bound
Pages: 224
Edition: I

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